Go Fundme! by Jolyn Fry

I'm excited to announce I've put together a very large show to be displayed at the Ford gallery opening on September 29th, 2018 
"Songs for my child, Songs for myself"is a series of paintings created in relation to healing from post trauma dissociation. Today I'm reaching out to my community to get some extra financial support as I prepare for this upcoming exhibit. I honestly can't do it without community help the costs are beyond my means. If you are in a situation to make a donation of any amount. I would be very grateful.
What you can expect from me...
I'll be posting this campaign to social media during the course of the next 45 days. The funds will be allocated to paying studio rents, marketing costs, storage, truck rentals, material costs, photography and print fees. (I also plan to mail a landscape print to each person that donates as an offer of thanks.) Read on for more details about the show! And please know I never find it easy to ask for help. A request for money is an act of vulnerability, and given that this body of work has been created relation to my own post trauma healing...one it makes it necessary for me to ask for help, and two leaves me feeling rather exposed. With that said I didn't become an artist to be comfortable. It's always been my intention to be truthful and search for honesty in my process.

Songs for my child. Songs for myself. by Jolyn Fry

Exhibit opens: September 29th 6-9pm closes: October 24th

A series of large scale paintings created in relation to healing from post trauma dissociation.

"On the day I was raped I was not alone. I became one with my sisters, my ancestors. I became nothing and whole at the same time. I became hate. In losing myself I became something I never was before. I was a child human. Human. Small and insignificant. And it wasn't until today that I knew as I paint these paintings these pieces of myself, of women, these stories they become me and they become above and below and around me. It was yesterday that I was so small... so insignificant. As I am today, but I am all of these things at once small and big. Pain and joy. And I live. I will live. Everything up until this moment has been past. An unfathomable past and I live as life is meant to be for today for a moment with utter knowingness, and a trust that I have never understood before and today becomes a day just like any other day in any other lifetime and that is what makes me rise and fall..."

Ford Gallery

2505 SE 11th Ave.

Open daily 9am-6pm

Show closes October 24th