Songs for my child. Songs for myself. by Jolyn Fry

Exhibit opens: September 29th 6-9pm closes: October 24th

A series of large scale paintings created in relation to healing from post trauma dissociation.

"On the day I was raped I was not alone. I became one with my sisters, my ancestors. I became nothing and whole at the same time. I became hate. In losing myself I became something I never was before. I was a child human. Human. Small and insignificant. And it wasn't until today that I knew as I paint these paintings these pieces of myself, of women, these stories they become me and they become above and below and around me. It was yesterday that I was so small... so insignificant. As I am today, but I am all of these things at once small and big. Pain and joy. And I live. I will live. Everything up until this moment has been past. An unfathomable past and I live as life is meant to be for today for a moment with utter knowingness, and a trust that I have never understood before and today becomes a day just like any other day in any other lifetime and that is what makes me rise and fall..."

Ford Gallery

2505 SE 11th Ave.

Open daily 9am-6pm

Show closes October 24th